A Dynamic Creative Fusion

Alora-Brian-music-2Soul Fire is a dynamic creative fusion of both Alora & Brian’s passions. This alchemical blend is an inspirational source for Soul Fires organic, intuitive approach to their relaxing cds, dvds, inspirational cards, meditations & spirit journey retreats.

The inspiration for this website, our DVDs and CDs and for our Spirit Journey Adventure Retreats arose from an exquisite day filled with magical experiences. We felt deeply moved by the synchronicity & up close intimate connections with the Humpback whales & other wildlife during a photographic boating & camping trip to Platypus Bay area. We felt compelled to respond to this uplifting heavenly day as we had been deeply touched by the beauty & sensitivity of all the wildlife & particularly three playful & inquisitive Humpback whales. It was one of those transformational life experiences that shifted us into a new appreciation of what we could share & make available for others.

Our intention is to share our passion with you and celebrate the oneness & beauty present in all the myriad of life that is “creation”. Bringing to awareness a vision of the real possibility of awakening in us all a deep reverence for nature that is truly nurturing of a loving connection to all things. One that is nourishing of an intelligent way of living in keeping with the balance & natural order of this remarkable planetary home.

Spirit Journey & Adventure Retreats with Soul Fire are held throughout the year in pristine wilderness locations.

Join us communing with the natural beauty of Platypus Bay & Fraser Island coastline in August, September, October for an inspiring memorable experience.

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