About Us

Soul Fire is a dynamic fusion of both Alora & Brian’s passion for creating these Spirit Journey Adventure Retreats. We love taking groups into beautiful wild locations where you get to have an experience of being directly connected to nature, to where you are taken beyond yourself and you get to have a moment of being spiritually inspired, of feeling at one with everything.

Our retreats are carefully designed in such a way that you get to have an expanded and inspired experience, one that may awaken in you a deeper appreciation and understanding of the infinite possibilities that may await you in life. Hence the varying array of adventurous activities combined with healthy organic gourmet food, space for yoga and meditation, inspired talks in amazing locations, indigenous cultural connections, creative experiences, expression and communication, fire circles and much more. All these elements create the opportunity to share, connect and receive what is gifted to us at any moment in time. This is what we aspire to on these retreats, for you to awaken to the potential that is latently inherent within your own nature.

To be aware and present is the challenge we all face and we are all on this journey of life together and so it is up to us to nurture an understanding of who we are in relationship to everything, to bring a light heart and an open mind, one that is truly aspiring to the very pinnacle of ones own natural potential.

Our retreats are designed for you to awaken your spirit to the amazing planetary home we all live on and to nurture a connection that awakens your heart to the wild adventurous beauty of your own nature. This we find to be a key to living harmonious lives that are inspired by our love and appreciation that at all times nature provides us with everything that we need.

To share a journey with like minded souls with such a dynamic inspiring speaker as David Wolfe is truly a unique opportunity. To have the experience of being with David whilst on retreat in the ruggedly beautiful wilderness of Kakadu and Arhnem Land sharing all his knowledge, insights and wisdom will truly be an adventure that will awaken in you the real possibility of how one persons example can inspire others to live healthy harmonious lives whilst nurturing a connection to the immeasurable energetic that is the natural world.

So seize the moment and celebrate life, be inspired come join us on this rare adventurous opportunity with David Wolfe.