Whale Tails & Spirit Songs – DVD

A series of photographic movies by Alora Waldron & Brian Cramp

You will awe and wonder at these majestic, ancient beings of the ocean and
be moved by their soulful spirit songs.

Join us on a meditative journey that is uplifting and deeply calming, sharing an appreciation of our intimate connectedness to all of nature.

These images were taken during our numerous boating trips and adventures to the famous World Heritage area of Fraser Island and coastal regional waters of Platypus Bay.

The Soundtrack of the Humpback whales and dolphin songs were recorded during these many trips; from the high bird-like trills to the deep bellowing elephant-like calls. These almost unearthly songs of a haunting and beautiful complexity have been creatively fused with our own musical compositions, so that the images might come to life and imbue in you a sense of awe.

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Whale Songs & Spirit Dreamings – CD

A collaboration of soul, a heart connection expressed in sound…

Recorded in a place of great beauty imbued with peacefulness; celebrating the whales & oceans vast unfolding stillness.

Come on a musical journey with us to the pristine whale sanctuary of the world heritage area of Fraser Island into the heart of Platypus Bay where the majestic humpback whales migrate to mate, give birth, play and sing…

We have this place where we go…

To commune, to connect to the  humpback whales and wildlife of Platypus Bay, Fraser Island.

A place of great beauty and peacefulness and if you are there on one  of those extraordinary days where the wind drops out, the sea calms…  you may witness the oceans vast unfolding stillness.

Here in this exquisite, still, clear world everything is alive with a sublime richness that can only be described as ethereal and divine.

And so it was out of one of these intimate communions on such a day, that we were inspired to share their awesome spirit through recording their songs and infusing them with our own spontaneous improvisations.

Our intention is to share our passion with you and celebrate the oneness and beauty present in all the myriad of life that is “creation”. Bringing to awareness a vision of the real possibility of awakening in us all a deep reverence for nature that is truly nurturing of a loving connection to all things. One that is nourishing of an intelligent way of living, in keeping
with the balance and natural order of this remarkable planetary home.

From our own intimate communions and spirit connections with nature
we are inspired to create and share our love for the beauty of this abundant natural world. Through our cds, dvds, meditations
and Spirit Journey Adventure Retreats we share the essence of our inspiration which is to celebrate the beauty and joy of being alive bringing balance and perspective to the gift that is life.

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