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Soul Fire Sound Meditation

Bathe your Soul in Sound & Light

Soul Fire is a dynamic creative fusion of both Alora & Brians love for the spiritual, creative, meditational & healing arts. They perform regularly at Woodford Folk Festival, Yoga & music events, at retreats, and locally at their own sound meditation evenings.

Combining meditational music, sound, poetry, voice, movement, art,  essential oils & their photographic movie soundscapes, they create an atmosphere conducive for transformation, inspiration and healing. This alchemical blend is an inspirational source for Soul Fires organic, intuitive approach to their cds, dvds, sound meditation evenings & spirit journey adventure retreats.

Be nurtured by the resonant healing tones of the Crystal Carillon bowl, singing bowls, Mayan chimes, sitar, Fujara & silver flute, Harp, Gong, Indian flutes & drum, rain-sticks & other percussion instruments.

Come and be immersed in a colourful evocative sound journey transporting you out of time into a state of stillness & surrender where you can experience the beauty and oneness of creation.

Upcoming Event

Don’t miss The Infinite Connection – With Connection to Soul & Celebration Meditation

We will both be there, creating soulful music, along with Barry Gray – Psychic of the Year 2013 and a gifted medium.

Friday 26 April in Brisbane and Saturday 27 April on the Gold Coast.

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