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Soulfire Creations was co-founded by award-winning, Los Angeles powerhouse partners Nipun Nair and Amy Walker, who thrive on continuously expanding their craft and team of truly exceptional industry professionals.

Aligning their diverse skills and talents to create positive social change through the arts, Nair and Walker bring integrity, inclusiveness and authenticity to every project, to make the entire process fun and fulfilling on every level. 

This has resulted in successes such as attracting distribution deals; sales growth for clients, including a multi-million dollar deals for a startup who exclusively uses their videos with clients and investors, Awards and Official Selection at film festivals, and countless repeat clients and collaborators.

They are passionately committed to diverse representation from script to screen; utilizing the power of the Entertainment Industry to re-shape the Hollywood narrative and mode, to minimize carbon footprint and maximize authentic representation of all peoples.

Whether you’re starting with a vague idea or footage in the can, Soulfire Creations can help bring your vision to life.


Get in touch today and get the Soulfire flowing!


~ The Soulfire Creations Team

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